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14 June 2010


I noticed Christopher that was spending an unhealthy amount of time reading a magazine this morning. I could see part of the title from where I was sitting ‘Top 50 ….’ – I suspected the worst. Top 50 Sexy Babes perhaps? Top 50 Bottoms in Bikinis? Nope. Not even close.

Top 50 Tractors.

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08 June 2010

Forest Schools

I spent today playing in the woods.  No, really I did.  We hosted a training day for people considering training to be Forest Schools leaders – and I enjoyed it so much I think I’m going to become one.

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07 June 2010

Surprise Lambs

The 5.14 from Charing Cross to Staplehurst is the most crowded train of the day. No surprise then that as it pulled out with me wedged indecently closely to the least attractive other travellers my phone buzzed. Since it was Sarah I didn’t dare ignore it. But, as always on trains, I just grunted ‘Yup?’

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26 May 2010

The Tortoise Whisperer

I offer this with little explanation, only in the hope of some sympathy for my plight. I am married to a woman who now spends her afternoons sitting in the tortoise’s run ‘to keep him company’. She takes the farm accounts with her to while away the time when she’s not chatting to Tonka. If you know of an appropriate help-line, please let me know. For me, not her.

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25 May 2010

New Tree Discovery At Swallowtail Hill

For nearly a year, ecologist and entomologist Patrick Roper has been turning up once a month, blasting gale or blazing sun, to roam around the farm armed with bottles, boxes and plastic bags. In them he puts insects. We won’t know what he’s found till August when he reports on the insect year here, but it’s a lot. It seems he multi-tasks and knows a lot about plants and trees too. Last winter he told me to get a couple of wild service trees for The Dean Wood. Great for bio-diversity; rare as hen’s teeth; and excellent for making alcohol from. I checked out the prices, and at £75 for a small one I decided to pass on it until we won the lottery.

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18 May 2010

Bert & Ernie

Now that they’ve settled in to their new home, I thought I should introduce you to Bert and Ernie our Indian Running Ducks.

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13 May 2010

Grand Designs

Once upon a time Big Fat Momma, Little Titch and Tonka the One-Eyed Tortoise all went to live in new homes.

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10 May 2010

Bee Keeping

Today I have been mainly learning about bees. 

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10 May 2010

Naming Chickens

OK, so I was feeling generous and decided to let Christopher name the new chicken and her little chick.

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25 April 2010

Poo Story

Today, I walked back from the sheep’s summer pasture with a bucketful of sheep-shit.

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What Our Guests Say

I am in love with this place! This place is perfection! Wonderful hosts too. Can't wait to come back for more adventures. A slice of heaven in the world - it will always be a special place for us both.

Sam & MJ

Perfect, idyllic, lovely and special times together.

Sheena and Lenny

The best pork pie we've ever eaten! We couldn't eat it all on our picnic (you don't underfeed do you!), so we're taking the rest home with us - delicious. Thank you.

Amanda & Michael

Wow – the Meadow Keeper’s Cottage is a work of genius. A beautiful, peaceful, setting and a most relaxing of places to stay. We loved every minute of it. Will definitely be back in the future.

Em & Dom

Brilliant weekend in Woodcutter’s Cottage. Very peaceful and left feeling purified, living in London as we do. Showered in sleet the first morning and frost the next, but the shower was toasty and invigorating.

Joe & Zoe Sharpe

The kids have loved the freedom here, the experiences, not to mention feeding the animals. Thank you for sharing this with us.

The Toppers

The most amazing weekend, so magical! Sarah & Christopher are the pefect hosts and couldn't have made our time here more special. Had our own private dinner in the Hill Top Tent watching the sun go down and my boyfriend proposed! Will never forget our stay here!

Dom & Matt

What a find! Exactly what we needed for a few days. Time together, no business, no children and time with a book. Sarah and Christopher thank you for your great hospitality. Rye – thank you for the great shops. Lunch at the George was fab. The experience has been fantastic and I’d like to think we’ll see you again one day.

Mary & Nick

We had a wonderful few days staying in the cottage, playing games and toasting marshmallows and running in the sand dune of Camber Sands - thank you.

The Whitings

Very much enjoyed our stay and also the boat trip to Bodiam; the science observatory at Herstmonceaux; and the rare breeds centre as well as fish & chips on the beach at Winchelsea. Many thanks!

Katie & Co.

Thank you for such a wonderful stay in your beautiful Meadow Keeper's Cottage. It's just the sweetest hideaway with some amazing touches. The area is stunning we visited Rye, Bodiam Castle and had a great meal at The Ferry Inn. A very special way to spend our first wedding anniversary.

Cathy & James

What a way to celebrate a 70th birthday, back to nature with most of the family. We had glorious weather too. Thank yoy for a great weekend!

Tish & John

Thank you for the beautiful setting and the most perfect wedding day. What a beautiful place to wake up as Mr & Mrs. We first fell in love with Swallowtail Hill two years ago - we'll definitely be back. Magical!

Hannah & Lee

Loved our time with you – thank you so much! Really relaxing just being here and got super lucky with the weather. Cooked an extravaganza on the campfire on two occasions, loved feeding the gorgeous animals, and waking up with the dawn to foxes, bird song, squirrels and sheep. Beautifully snug. Thank you so much.

Marie-Louise, Becca & Suko

A unique experience for a great escape away from the stresses and strains for modern city life and mod cons. Thank you!

Nadia & Claire

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