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As you will now know, as of Monday 11th May the Government clarified that accommodation providers are required to remain closed, by law, until at least 4th July when they will review the current situation.

There is clearly no way of knowing whether we will be allowed to open - either partially or fully - beyond the 4th July. Many of you have bookings with us across the summer, and many more of you are getting in touch to ask about whether you can make a booking across the summer. We know you're aware that we stretch across forty acres and our accommodation spaces are well distanced, and you're keen to get someting in the in the diary - just provisionally - in case circumstances permit a short break later in the year. So this is what we propose to do while we all await further guidance from the Government. Please find the bit that best applies to you below:



If you already have a direct booking with us for July and August 2020 you will have paid a 25% deposit but we haven't yet taken your balance of payment. We won't contact you to take your balance payment until we know for certain that your break can go ahead, that we can legally open, and that lockdown over your dates of travel has been lifted. In the event that lockdown isn't legally lifted by the time of your break then we will offer you the option to reschedule your booking for anytime across the twelve months from the date of your cancelled break.  If you choose a more expensive break, the your balance of payment will be altered accordingly.  If your break cannot legally go ahead and you don't want to reschedule you can have your booking deposit refunded.

If you have a booking via Canopy & Stars for July and August 2020 they will still take your balance of payment at the point it is due, but in the event that lockdown isn't legally lifted by the time your break approaches then they will contact you to offer you the option to reschedule your break or be refunded.



If you don't already have a direct booking with us but are desperate get some dates held in the diary just in case the lockdown lifts and we can legally reopen then here's what you can do:  check out our prices and availabilty on our website or call or email us with your booking request. You'll need to pay the usual 25% deposit to hold the dates. When the date of your break approaches - if lockdown has been lifted and your break can legally go ahead  - we will contact you to take the balance of payment for your break; all breaks must be paid for in full prior to arrival for your holiday.   In the event that lockdown is still legally in place so your break cannot go ahead then your provisional booking will be cancelled and the only money you will have paid - your deposit - will be refunded to you.



Some of our existing bookings across the summer involve several of our accommodation spaces being booked by a group of families collectively. These are bookings where each accommodation would be occupied by one family/household but with the hope of being able to socialise outdoors with a different family/household staying in another of our accommodation spaces.  So to illustrate: family A would stay in one accommodation and family B would be in a different accommodation but both families would want to spend time together. Obviously while lockdown is in place these bookings cannot go ahead, as with all bookings.  If lockdown is eased we will still require further clarity from the Government on permitted 'social bubbles' before knowing whether this type of booking can be honoured i.e. family A will need to be permitted to socialise with family B for the group booking to go ahead. If not our reschedule or refund policy will still apply.



These will be subject to the same rules as above. Two or more families who know each other and want to holiday together can make a provisional booking by paying the usual 25% deposit. As the date of the break approaches if lockdown isn't legally lifted then your break will not be able to go ahead so your provisional booking will be cancelled and your deposit will be refunded. If your date approaches and we find that lockdown has been legally lifted, we will still require further clarity from the Government on permitted 'social bubbles' before knowing whether the booking can go ahead. To illustrate: family A will need to be permitted to socialise with family B for the group booking to go ahead. If it can, we will contact you to take the balance of payment for your booking. The holiday will need to be paid for in full prior to arrival.



These bookings are where a group of people who don't live together / don't share a household have booked to holiday in one accommodation together, so for example, four individual friends who live in four separate households want to share a cabin accommodation for the purposes of a holiday. Even if lockdown is legally lifted, we cannot see that these kinds of bookings will be able to go ahead because social distancing will not be able to be observed. Group bookings of this nature will be refunded or rescheduled.

We will not accept future group bookings of this nature (non household groups) even speculatively for the foreseable while the need for social distancing remains.



These are our two accommodation spaces that share a paddock. Each is well distanced and has its own loo and shower, but they share an outdoor kitchen and outdoor dining deck. For this reason we have decided that we will only offer one and not both to book across the summer. If you are an existing family/household group booking that has a reservation for both of the cabins please see point 3 already made above about family/household group bookings which is specific to you. If you want to make a provisional family/household group booking then please see point 4 already made above which is specific to you.


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