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While we're required by law to be closed at the moment, we've still plenty of things going on behind the scenes to make sure that when we are allowed to reopen our doors, we can do so in the safest way possible.

If you're a regular visitor, when you next come you'll find some changes in place, and if you're planning a first visit, then this is what you can expect:

Our six accommodation spaces are spread over 40 acres. Four of them are at least five minutes' walk from each other, so you are in your own space - naturally. The remaining two accommodations - Wood and Penfold cabins - are still well distanced (20 metres) within a large paddock but share an outdoor kitchen and dining deck - so there are some additional social distancing policies around the booking of these two spaces (detailed in the blog post titled Our Plan - Part Two).


The nature of our site is that you cannot check yourself in. We're a forty acre nature reserve, you park your car in our barnyard and depending on your accommodation you will be staying up to 10 minutes' walk away. 

You will be given an allocated check in time for your day of arrival. We need to do this to ensure we don't have all of our new guests arrive at once and cause a crowd. We'll space our check in slots by half an hour to avoid this happening.

You'll be asked to use the handsantiser and also to tread on the shoe sanitiser pad when you arrive. You'll load your luggage into our open sided buggy and we will drive you to where you need to be. We are now only allowing guests in the back of farm buggy and we've installed a perspex screen to help us distance from you while we drive, we'll also be wearing face shields. If you prefer to walk to your accommodaiton you can of course do so and we'll simply drop your luggage off for you while you make your own way.


Instead of giving you a tour of how everything works, we've made a series of short 'how to' videos which we'll send to you via WhatsApp so you have them on your phone to refer to.

The info packs are no longer in the accommodation spaces - as they are much touched items that cannot be easily cleaned. We ask that you watch the videos instead and read the info pack that we will email you prior to your arrival.


We need to be really strict about the honesty shop to ensure social distancing and hygiene. You can be with your own people inside the shop or log store but not with other guests - both spaces are tiny - way too small for you to remain safely distanced from other people. So if the shop already has a guest inside, please just wait your turn outside. Children under the age of ten must not use the shop without a supervising adult with them please.  When you enter the shop or the log store, please use the hand sanitiser before you touch anything.


We're sorry to disappoint but under the current requirements for social distancing it is impossible for us to offer group activities like meeting the animals or nature walks or woodland activities, they wouldn't be able to take place safely.



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